Michel Petrucciani Trio – Live in Concert

Michel Petrucciani Trio – Live in Concert – Stuttgart 1998


Non Stop Travels With Michel Petrucciani / Trio Live in Stuttgart


Though he died at the age of only 36 in early 1999, pianist Michel Petrucciani lived life to the fullest. He was of limited stature due to osteogenensis imperfecta, a bone disease that stunted his growth. But Petrucciani’s remarkable enthusiasm and sense of humor, whether performing or simply in conversation, was contagious and helped him to overcome the constant pain caused by his handicap. Having recorded his first album at the age of seventeen, by the time of his death, Petrucciani had amassed an extensive discography as a leader and sideman, working with a number of internationally famous musicians. Petrucciani also wrote over sixty songs.

He was small – under 4 feet – but his presence and charm were HUGE. The film captures this, and many incredible music performances. - Trio Live In Stuttgart: featuring Michel’s super popular trio with Steve Gadd and Anthony Jackson.

 First ever DVD of all-new, never before released Michel Petrucciani material!

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